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The Kemp Family

Richard and Margaret met and married whilst at Surrey University and have been a part of the Westborough family for over 30 years. They were called by God to serve in France, where they have lived since 1994.

Richard and Margaret have a heart to make the good news about Jesus accessible to all and to see greater collaboration between churches. Richard is currently involved in church planting in Montpellier and the running of Chez Théo, an inter-church Christian coffee bar in the city centre. He also chairs the city pastors’ fraternal.Margaret teaches English at the Universities of Montpellier and Nimes, and together with Richard visits churches across the region to speak on écology and faith and present A Rocha France. She has also sought to invest in several local clubs and associations (ecology, choir and Scottish dancing!).

Latest News

Chez Théo, by God's grace and a very kind landlord (that was part of God's grace,) survived Covid. However, things were very slow until a few months ago when the vaccine pass ended and people started frequenting the place again en masse and various activities started to pick up. We recently did a brainstorming day with the board and the main volunteers to discuss how we see Chez Théo developing from September onwards. 

The whole inter-church thing with the pastors fraternal is encouraging at the moment and recently, we did a joint reading John's Gospel in the cathedral with the archbishop, the orthodox, the traditional, réformed and évangelicals.

I've been invited to preach in quite a number of churches (evangelical and reformed) here in Montpellier and soon further afield on faith, the gospel and creation care. I'm thoroughly enjoying that!

Prayer Focus

Richard Kemp has asked us to pray for the following:

1. The main one is for Chez Théo and my role in it: I'll soon have been doing Chez Théo for 10 years and I think it would be good for my role to be more shared around a) So I can survive it and b) So  that when the time comes (whenever that is...could be years) my moving on would be smoother.

2. For God's continued blessing and guidance for inter-church relationships, particularly the pastors fraternal. 

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