Our support of Jonah and the Church in Kuwadzana is carried out through close links with Paraclete Christian Network International, who stand alongside Christian ministries in countries of economic need, offering practical and material support. More information about their work can be found on the Paraclete website:

​​If you are moved to financially support for the work of Westborough URC in Zimbabwe, please contact us for details of how to give.

To support Paraclete in Zimbabwe, you can use this link to donate:https://cafdonate.cafonline.org/18599#!/DonationDetails

Further Information

Kuwadzana Church Facebook Page:

Here is a favourite song of Kuwadzana Uniting Presbyterian Church, shared on their Facebook page: Mwari Hamushanuke, by Tinashe Jaravaza

​​Latest News from Kuwadzana
Graham and Jane visited in January 2023 and will be reporting on their trip on

Friday 24th March at Westborough Church at 7pm.

Our Action
In addition to our regular financial support, we sent just under $2300 to them recently to be spent on walls
and floor for the church at Kuwadzana Extension and on food for needs families. 
There are quite a few

Church members who live in this area who cannot get to the main church on a Sunday morning because

they cannot afford transport, so the extension will make a real difference in their lives.

Prayer Focus

For stability and wise leadership for Zimbabwe, so that the country may begin to recover and thrive once again.

For God’s provision to continue, so that despite increased financial pressures, the work of the Training Centre can continue, develop and expand to support more students in the future.

Jonah Masaka and ​Kuwadzana Church and
​Christian Training Centre, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has suffered many years of political unrest and economic decline, which has created a desperate struggle for survival for many people. For over 30 years, we have supported both the work of Kuwadzana Uniting Presbyterian Church and that of Rev. Jonah Masaka, who was the minister until his retirement and continues to run a Christian Training Centre and Bible School for pastors and lay people. The Training Centre also welcomes people in need coming to collect fresh water from the bore hole.

The Church in Kuwadzana is very much the focus of aid and distribution of food and other essentials as well as running a secondary school and pre-school for local children, aiming to give hope for the future and to demonstrate God’s love and provision to their local co

As a congregation, we regularly send financial support to Jonah and to Kuwadzana Church and when possible, go to visit our friends in Zimbabwe. In addition, our Monday Coffee Morning sponsors a student at the secondary school run by the Church, to enable them to continue their studies until graduation. We also keep in touch with the Church and do our best to respond to additional needs as they arise.