​Spiritual Wellbeing

Mind and Soul Foundation

A Christian charity providing advice and support for mental and spiritual health and wellbeing (services are available to everyone, regardless of faith).


The Sanctuary​​
Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries equips the Church to support mental health and wellbeing, with resources that meaningfully engage the topics of faith and mental health.

Website: www.SanctuaryMentalHealth.org/race-mental-health-and-faith-resources

Race, Mental Health and Faith, A Conversation: www.SanctuaryMentalHealth.org/2020/11/05/race-mental-health-and-faith-a-conversation 

Healing in Colour, an art collection featuring Black, Indigenous, and other artists of colour from around the world to tell stories of race, faith, and mental health: www.SanctuaryMentalHealth.org/healing-in-colour

“Recovering Hope," a 5 day devotional addressing the intersection of race, mental health, and faith: www.Bible.com/reading-plans/22594

The story of a Canadian residential school survivor, who writes about her experiences of trauma, journey of recovery, and hope for reconciliation: www.SanctuaryMentalHealth.org/2021/06/21/forgiveness-as-a-journey

Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ (WEC)

Website Article:

Website Article: www.wec-uk.org/mission-resources/articles/how-to-find-gods-plan

​​At Westborough, we understand the importance of good mental and spiritual health in enabling us all to live "life in all its fullness" (John 10:10).

We all need some extra support sometimes.