Groups and Activities

How this work helps us to fulfil our Church vision:


We believe in the power of prayer. We know that God hears each prayer spoken aloud or thought in the depths of our hearts and we pray for each other; that we, our friends and families, our work, our community and our world will thrive and that many will come to know Jesus through us. Our love and passion for God has drawn our Church family together and spurs us on to do His work; be that giving someone a hug, celebrating a birthday, working on the church garden, enjoying a quiz night, listening to someone’s struggles, or planning our next social event.


One of the ways we show our love for God is by loving others. We demonstrate this love through spending time together, keeping in close contact, supporting each other emotionally, spiritually and practically and extending this support to our community wherever we can.

We seek inspiration from the Holy Spirit to guide us in where to spend our time and energy, so that our activities provide the maximum blessing. We aim for our groups and activities to be enjoyable and inspiring for everyone who joins us in worship, learning, growth and encouragement, so that all may flourish.

We enjoy one another’s company and value our time spent together as Church family. By inviting our local community to join us in a wide range of events and activities, we hope to extend this sense of a supportive, loving family atmosphere and ethos and demonstrate the love of God through our actions and attitudes.

God has blessed us with many good things of all kinds and we enjoy the privilege of being able to share our blessings within and beyond our Church family, by showing that we care.

We are blessed with good relationships within the Church and enjoy spending time together. We do our best to listen to the needs and desires of our community and Church family and seek to provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy social activities and be inspired in worship, learning, growth and encouragement, so that all can flourish and live “life in all its fullness” (John 10:10).

Some of the events we have run in the past:

At Westborough, we enjoy spending time together and have a wide range of groups and activities to enable us to support, encourage, learn, grow and enjoy one another's company!​​​​

Weekly Activities


10.00am Family Service at Westborough Church.


9.00am-11.30 (except Bank Holidays) Coffee Morning.



9.00-11.00am (term time only) Kangaroo Club. Parents, carers and toddlers club.

Please contact us for details of when and where House Groups are meeting.

​​Monthly Activities

The third Saturday afternoon of the month is Messy Church.

Saturday afternoon Film Club, see Film Club page for dates. 

More Activities

Seniors' Lunches, every two months on a Tuesday, see Seniors' Lunches page for dates. 

We hold various other social events during the year, such as quiz nights, family fun days, game evenings and barn dances. See our Events page for details of our next activities.

CAP Money Courses, please contact us for details of the next course.